Day 54 – And then I started a war on Pinterest.

Christina and I are the most perfect culinairy duo, she’s interested in food, flavors, new recipes and I just like to eat. So when we were going to lunch, craving for a hamburger, to find my favorite place closed due to flooding, we decided to cross another restaurant from our ‘must go check!’- list and went  for Mexican Sushi. And then we got our plates…

Christina: Oh my God I cannot believe I just put that in my mouth.

Me: Mine is pretty ok, though… it’s rice and… something else… and I think… maybe… egg?

C: this flavor palette is so far off the hook, I’m going to go back to work hungry…

Me: I AM just really hungry. I’d eat grass.

C: I’m gonna buy myself a treat at Smile before I head back to the office…

Me (with my mouth full): like a chocolate cookie? I can handle that too.

C: I’m sorry I took you here, but hey, now at least we know never to come back.

Me: I’m ready for that cookie now.

I kinda relived that whole experience for the rest of the afternoon. It was a good thing I had some events listed that had wine on the menu to sedate my stomach… so at about 9pm, I could handle the spicy curry dish Olga suggested.

And THEN I got home and browsed Pinterest for a bit… finding THIS…

Now I usually don’t go overboard on Pinterest. And I actually did THINK about just copying the picture and photoshop the comment that IMMEDIATELY popped up in my head… but I guess I’m just really drunk from all the wine I had. Multiply that with the fact my mouth is on fire from the curry, adding up to being just really lazy, and then THIS happened…

After which I just laughed for about 15 minutes with my own joke… but then my phone started buzzing and Pinterest basically called me to let me know I pissed the republicans off…

… and I really shouldn’t drink, because I get all fierce when I do…

I get a feeling we haven’t heard the end of this one, people!


PS: Meanwhile on the train…

New Yorker bugged by loudly talking tourists. I might pin that one too!

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