Day 51 – I was going to title this post ‘Supernatural’, but it might just all be a bunch of coincidences.

With the clock hitting 5pm, the buzz at the Javits center announced the end of BDNY, and after we packed and left, I went straight to yet another party with a kick-ass champagne-cocktail…

Where I met Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave. Which couldn’t be more of a coincidence, because she was once married to a Belgian Baron – ain’t no shit people, that’s Royalty with a capital R – and as we started talking, I learned we had more in common than a couple of relationships gone bad on Belgian soil. We both write.

Sort of,  because she has written the New York Times bestseller ‘A Dangerous Liaison’, and I’m not there just yet. Modest as I am, however, I told her about this blog, and how the apple project started last year, and what has happened ever since… and her exact words sounded A LOT like ‘oh my God, child! You’re brilliant and you should be famous!!’, or at least she called it ‘remarkable’, which is pretty much the same thing in my head. She was impressed and wanted to know more about my writing ambitions, and who better than a Baroness/bestseller writer to share those with, right?

So I told her about this little project I’ve been working on in whatever spare time is left in my life, assuring her that ‘I’m definitely never going to win a Pulitzer, because I kill or stab a lot of people in my writing, really.’

The fact that she didn’t run from that, plus the fact that she gave me her card – and I’m now imagining a ‘let’s have coffee sometime!’ invitation attached to that – makes me even more willing to fine-tune this little writing mission I was on… and make it work.

Keep them tiara’s and unicorns coming!


PS: PLUS! There were Andy Warhol pictures! You know what that means, right? I’ve been craving soup since 8pm.

PPS: I’m so completely disorientated in the week already, that I almost had a heart attack when I reread yesterday’s post, telling party tales about a Saturday that feels like ages ago. It also feels like ages ago that I slept… is it Friday yet?

PPPS: My horoscope suggests I recharge with some ambient music… now, I’m very stunned that it knows I need recharging, but there’s just not enough booze in the world that could convince me to listen to experimental-synthesizer-on-speed-gone-bad-music. So, I’ll just pass out instead.

PPPPS: It’s EXACTELY 1 year and 1 day ago that I met with Flemish kids book author Marc De Bel… like, I can’t even begin to comprehend.

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