Day 82 – Peace and Love.

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Verb. To ascertain the size, amount, or degree of ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size.

Example: “They measured the number of people killed by terrorism, then measured the number of people killed by guns (or by people bearing those guns), and found that the first number was astronomically lower than the second.”

The only guns that don’t kill people, are the ones safely kept from people. Stricter gun laws have become a necessity.


Day 80 – This is a Kim Davis Rant.


Before anything else, can we just talk about Kim Davis and the fact that she met the Pope?

Let’s get some facts straight here:

Kim Davis has a job. Her employer is the Kentucky State Government. Her Company has a certain policy. That policy states that, when 2 people – any 2 people – enter her office and request a marriage license, she has to give it to them.

Kim Davis is religious. That is her right, and she’s not the only person on this planet benefiting of the freedom to practice a belief. Or at least, she is lucky to live in a part of the world where she can.

However, Kim Davis’ religion conflicts with her Company’s Policy. So much, even, that she finds herself unable to perform her job. Rather than stepping down and look for a job that suits her better, she decided to try and fight the Company’s Policy. She lost.

Anyhow. Kim Davis’ religion apparently is an anti-love one. That’s a shame, really. But this isn’t about her religion. This isn’t about pro or con same sex marriage. This is about a person unwilling to perform the tasks assigned to her. If that were you or me, we would get fired from our jobs. If you or I didn’t agree with our company’s policy, view or philosophy – we would not work for that company to begin with.

The fact that this woman got to meet the Pope, and was padded on her back for the alleged battle that she fights, is essentially wrong. She does not deserve to be an example – for any cause.

She is a person who doesn’t do her job – no more, no less.

The way I see it, she has two choices: resign with dignity, and THEN get praise for standing up for her beliefs – or suck it the fuck up, and do the job she is meant to do.

Phew. Glad I got that one of my chest.

Anyhow, the word of today has nothing to do with the above rant. It’s a great word, I’m glad I spotted it. That in itself, must have been a…

Signs! They're everywhere (pay attention)

Signs! They’re everywhere (pay attention)

Day 79 – A Little Note.

This is just a short message for two people who have recently been struck by metaphoric lightening.

Tom, I haven’t seen you in forever. I guess we’re passed the weddings and mandatory family events that used to connect us. But that doesn’t mean you and your family aren’t in my thoughts right now, every day. I’m rooting for your recovery, all my prayers and meditations are dedicated to that, until we get that good news that this temporary roadblock has resolved.

Darline, my sweet, dear friend. I miss you and our friendship so, so much right now. Isn’t if funny how something horrible has to happen to realize that? I’m so sorry for allowing the distance and life to come between our initial Skype sessions and emails. But above all, I’m so sorry for what happened to you – nobody deserves this, but least of all you and your warm, kind soul.

Do you remember the night we were on the phone, and the email that would send me to New York arrived in my mailbox? I like to believe we were both crying, but I think it was just me. Only days before I left, a card arrived in the mailbox. It read “You LIVE your dreams, not many people have the courage to do that!” – I still have that card, and I’m setting every intention to share all that courage with you – if I have any.

I comfort myself that you are getting excellent care, are loved by so many and have the support of your wonderful husband and your adorable kids. Knowing you, you have already started fighting, focusing on a bright future and adamant to claim it. My thoughts are with you, my positive vibes sent your way, constantly, on high power.

I miss your fashionable instagrams – come back soon.

A muse – in Greek mythologie – is a source of inspiration. I have no doubt in my mind, that these two people will have their story to share, soon.


Day 78 – Monday, Monday

Unavoidable in life, is to meet an opponent. The Ying to the Yang, so to say. Weather you are a writer, a designer, a woman or a man – chances are you’ll meet your…

These people chose their name right.

These people chose their name right.

That can be a bad thing, but that can be a good thing. The competition can actually be the best teacher.